Summer Refund Petitions and New Appeals Form

Over the course of the last year we have officially launched the new appeals form that is available to all students enrolled in a summer course. When submitting a form you must first familiarize yourself with our Refund Policy and fill out the required information below in order to be eligible for an appeal.


  1. You must provide a brief description of the events that led to your appeal. This description should include the date(s) of any unexpected/extenuating event occurrence and should explain how the event occurrence(s) prevented you from dropping your course by the add/drop deadline provided on our Dates & Fees page


  1. You will need proof of attendance/participation from the professor such as an email that indicates the last date of your participation in the course.

(You can search your professor’s contact information by entering his/her name into the UConn Phonebook: 

If you are appealing due to an unexpected medical emergency, then you must provide documentation that indicates the date(s) you receive medical attention. Please be sure to provide any additional supporting documentation, too.


If you are having trouble receiving attendance documentation from your professor, then please be sure to contact our office at and include your Student ID/NetID and the name of your course. 




If you receive financial aid for summer, there is a possibility that changes to your enrollment can impact eligibility for financial aid.


Most students must be enrolled in a minimum of six credits to remain eligible for Federal Pell Grants. In some cases, the grant can be pro-rated based on less than half-time enrollment.  Students who have accepted Federal Direct Loans for the summer, must remain enrolled in a minimum of six credits. 


For further information on how an appeal could impact your Financial Aid contact the Office of Student Financial Aid Services at (860)486-2819.