Stamford Summer Session 2

July 13 - August 14, 2020

Register for classes now in 1 - 2 - 3

Registering for courses the summer before you formally start at UConn is easy.

How to register for Summer Session

Step 1: Apply Online

Go to the Non Degree website and complete the non-degree application - MAKE SURE YOU CLICK the submit button!

Note: Under affiliation, choose “Accepted to UConn for an Undergraduate Program Next Semester”

You will receive confirmation emails when your application is approved (check SPAM if you don’t see it).

Step 2: Activate Your Net ID

Follow instructions you receive to activate your NetID.

Step 3: Register for Classes

Login to the Student Administration website to register for classes.

Tip: look for courses using the Class Numbers listed in the table.

Important: Summer course fees must be paid once you register for a course.

If you need to drop a course, do so by the end of the add/drop dates for a particular session in order not to be charged (note: the registration fee is non-refundable). See fees-and-dates.

Jump start your UConn Academic Career before the fall semester begins.

STAMFORD - Summer Session 2 1000 Level Courses
1866 COMM 1000 Z20 The Process of Communication
1867 DRAM 1110 Z20 Introduction to Film
1870 ENGL 1010 Z20 Seminar in Academic Writing
1871 ENGL 1011 Z20 Seminar Writing thr Literature
2372 HDFS 1070 Z20 Individual & Family Develop
2008 HIST 1201 Z20 Modern World History
1873 HIST 1400 Z20 Modern Western Traditions
1397 LLAS 1190W Z20 Intro to Lat Amer & Caribbean
2308 LLAS 1190W Z21 Intro to Lat Amer & Caribbean
1876 MATH 1071Q Z20 Calculus for Busi & Economics
1877 MATH 1132Q Z20 Calculus II
1128 MUSI 1001 Z20 Music Appreciation
1849 PHIL 1104 Z20 Philosophy and Social Ethics
1880 PHYS 1202Q Z20 General Physics
1878 PHYS 1202Q Z20L General Physics
1879 PHYS 1202Q Z21L General Physics
1881 POLS 1002 Z20 Intro to Political Theory
1882 PSYC 1101 Z20 General Psychology II


STAMFORD - Alternative Session 2 1000 Level Courses
1890 CHEM 1128Q Z80 General Chemistry
1888 CHEM 1128Q Z80L General Chemistry
1889 CHEM 1128Q Z81L General Chemistry
1887 MATH 1011Q Z80 Intr Col Algebra&Math Modeling
1886 MATH 1060Q Z80 Precalculus