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Summer Session 2024

Summer 2024 Online Physics Course


UConn’s Physics department offers a fully online physics course to help you get ahead, save money, or catch-up. Online physics classes are taught by UConn instructors and are delivered within an asynchronous format. You can participate at any time of day from nearly anywhere.

If you are a student from another school, you can take UConn summer classes online and transfer them to your home institution (you should check with your home institution to ensure transferability). With UConn’s online Physics summer course, you’re attending a class at one of the nations top-ranked public institutions.

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For a complete list of PHYS course offerings, including in-person sections, please visit our Summer 2024 Course Offerings page and select “PHYS – Physics” from the Subject filter.

Physics of Music (PHYS 1075Q)

PHYS 1075Q

Basic principles of physics and scientific reasoning will be taught in the context of the production and perception of music, emphasizing the historic and scientific interplay between physics and music. Basic quantitative laboratories pertaining to sound, music, and waves. No previous knowledge of physics or music is assumed. CA 3-LAB.

4.00 credits
Prerequisites: None.
Grading Basis: Graded