Online Kinesiology Courses

Summer Session 2021

Summer 2021 Online Kinesiology Courses


UConn’s Department of Kinesiology offers fully online and distance learning Kinesiology courses to help you get ahead, save money, or catch-up. Online Kinesiology classes are taught by UConn instructors and are delivered within an asynchronous format. You can participate at any time of day from nearly anywhere.

If you are a student from another school, you can take UConn summer classes online and transfer them to your home institution (you should check with your home institution to ensure transferability). With UConn’s online Kinesiology summer courses, you’re attending classes at one of the nations top-ranked public institutions.

If you require any assistance registering for an online kinesiology course or have questions please reach out to us using the Need Help button.

Introduction to Athletic Training (2200 KINS)

KINS 2200

To come.

Exercise Prescription (2227 KINS)

KINS 2227

Frequency, Intensity, Time, and Type or FITT principle of exercise prescription for apparently healthy adults; healthy populations with special considerations such as children, older adults, and women who are pregnant; and special populations with chronic disease and health conditions such as overweight and obesity, and cardiovascular, pulmonary, metabolic, and musculoskeletal disease.

Prerequisites: Recommended preparation: KINS 1100.

Biomechanics of Injury and Sport (KINS 3522) Distance Learning

KINS 3522

This course is designed to provide students with an introduction to biomechanical issues of human movement related to exercise/sport and injury. Learn the fundamental of human movement as it relates to exercise, sport and injury.

Exercise Physiology (KINS 4500)

KINS 4500

An organ systems approach to optimal human performance including metabolism, energy transfer, nerve transmission, muscle contraction, endocrine control, and cardiopulmonary physiology.

3.00 credits
Prerequisites: PNB 2264 and 2265; open only to students in Kinesiology Programs.

Musculoskeletal Evaluation 1 (KINS 5100) In-person

KINS 5100

This course introduces common orthopedic injuries in the upper extremity. Dive into the mechanisms of certain injuries, how to recognize injuries, and evaluation techniques.

Prerequisites: PNB 2264 and 2265

Foundations in Athletic Training (KINS 5200) In-person

KINS 5200

You will have the opportunity to learn more about the sports medicine team and care provided to physically active individuals with great emphasis on the acute management of exertionally related injury and illness.

Clinical Immersion (KINS 5203)

KINS 5203

In this practicum experience, the student works directly with a certified athletic trainer serving as the clinical preceptor and is assigned to a specific athletic training practice setting. This experience involves providing day-to-day care for the participants, as well as administering treatments and rehabilitation under the supervision of the clinical preceptor. Students will be expected to be immersed daily into the role of the athletic trainer.

1.00 credits
Prerequisites: Instructor consent.

Fundamentals of Exercise Prescription (KINS 5507)

KINS 5507

An examination and application of the principles of exercise prescription in primary disease prevention. Students will advance their knowledge in the exercise pre-participation health screening and pre-exercise evaluation processes. Students will develop exercise prescriptions for healthy adults and adults with multiple cardiovascular disease risk factors and/or special considerations. Student will learn how to adjust an exercise prescription for clients taking common medications that affect the exercise response and learn behavioral strategies to improve exercise adherence.

Graduate Level Course:  Contact Donna Campbell ( / 860-486-0184) if you would like to enroll.