Online Introduction to
Horticulture of Cannabis Course

July 13-August 14, 2020

This summer, UConn is offering Introduction to Horticulture of Cannabis (UCONN SPSS 2130) in a convenient online format. The course is a 3-credit course and can be completed 100% online from anywhere in the world. This course is designed to provide an intensive, but introductory overview of the horticultural techniques used to grow and manage this medically important and high value crop.

Cannabis, one of today's hottest and most lucrative crops. There is increasing interest in the U.S. about growing Cannabis as a recreational crop, and also medical usefulness of cannabinoids such as cannabidiol (CBD).

Horticulture of Cannabis course is taught by UConn's instructors, Matthew Debacco and Gerald Berkowitz.

Introduction to Horticulture of Cannabis (SPSS 2130)

SPSS 2130

This 100% online course focuses on growing cycles of Cannabis from both macro and microscopic scales. Students will develop an understanding of some of the common challenges with Cannabis production and how to best identify and correct these issues. Lectures focus on horticultural management of a Cannabis crop grown in the field and in controlled environment. Production techniques specific to Cannabis will be covered, including, elite seed production (feminization), propagation of clones from ‘mother plant’ cuttings, pruning and plant training, maximizing cannabinoid levels, post-harvest handling and cannabinoid/THC extraction. Beyond horticulture, some lectures focus on various aspects of the Cannabis business.

Course material will be presented at the introductory level; the class is designed for students with diverse academic backgrounds; there are no prerequisites. There is no laboratory component to the course. Cannabis plants will be grown for class demonstrations related to specific horticultural techniques.

Prerequisites:  None