Avery Point Summer Session 2

July 13 - August 14, 2020

Register for classes now in 1 - 2 - 3

Registering for courses the summer before you formally start at UConn is easy.

How to register for Summer Session

Step 1: Apply Online

Go to the Non Degree website and https://nondegree.uconn.edu/ complete the non-degree application - MAKE SURE YOU CLICK the submit button!

Note: Under affiliation, choose “Accepted to UConn for an Undergraduate Program Next Semester”

You will receive confirmation emails when your application is approved (check SPAM if you don’t see it).

Step 2: Activate Your Net ID

Follow instructions you receive to activate your NetID.

Step 2: Register for Classes

Login to the Student Administration website to register for classes.

Tip: look for courses using the Class Numbers listed in the table.

Important: Summer course fees must be paid once you register for a course.

If you need to drop a course, do so by the end of the add/drop dates for a particular session in order not to be charged (note: the registration fee is non-refundable). See fees-and-dates.

Jump start your UConn Academic Career before the fall semester begins.

AVERY POINT - Alternative Session 2 1000 Level Courses
1133 BIOL 1107 N80 Principles of Biology I
1150 BIOL 1107 N80L Principles of Biology I
1115 CHEM 1128Q N80 General Chemistry
1113 CHEM 1128Q N80L General Chemistry
1158 HDFS 1070 N80 Individual & Family Develop
1169 MATH 1060Q N80 Precalculus
1116 MATH 1132Q N80 Calculus II