2021 Summer Session Update


We have more than 350 online courses this summer at UConn.  Courses listed as online have been developed over time by UConn faculty and UConn eCampus.  Over the past five summers, online courses at UConn have accounted for 50-60% of all summer enrollments.  Most courses designated as online are delivered in a fully asynchronous format with no pre-established meeting times. These courses are designed in a manner that allows for student to content, student to student, and faculty to student interaction to take place within prescribed module timelines. Faculty may use synchronous technologies (e.g. Webex, Collaborate) to connect with students or groups of students for one-on-one discussions and meetings, and may use remote proctoring technology for student authentication together with lockdown browser technology to monitor synchronous exam delivery. Details about specific course requirements are available in course syllabi.  No distinction is made between credits earned in an on-campus f2f, distance learning, or online course, on your UConn transcript.  Students in pre-professional pathways (e.g. pre-law, pre-med, pre-dent) are encouraged to check with their academic advisor to ensure that their choice of course modality is aligned with their aspirational program requirements.

Courses previously listed as face-to-face will now be listed as distance education in Peoplesoft.  Courses listed as distance education allow instruction to follow a standard meeting pattern and students enrolled in courses listed as distance education should be sure that they are available to attend class during specified times.  These courses are designed in a way that allows student-student and faculty-student interaction to take place at the same time (but in different spaces as people connect remotely) using synchronous technologies (e.g. Webex, Collaborate).  Student to content interactions may happen synchronously through live streamed lecture and asynchronously through assigned readings, threaded discussion boards, projects, third party and faculty created video content and recorded lecture viewing.

We are currently working with faculty and department heads to adjust to these changes.  Staff from summer programs office will be reaching out beginning next week to discuss the impact of these changes on you and to discuss options including taking the course you are currently enrolled in as a distance education rather than as a face to face course. In a small number of cases, the decision may have been made to no longer offer a particular course.  In the event that courses are cancelled, a full refund of tuition and all fees, including those identified as nonrefundable, will be provided, and there will be no additional registration or transaction fees incurred for students who decide to switch from face to face to distance education or online modalities.

We have formulated a number of FAQs regarding 2020 Summer Session to help answer many of the questions you may have.

Best regards
The UConn Summer Team