UConn May Term

UConn May Term

Thinking of extending your studies into May? In just 3 weeks earn up to 4 credits and keep the momentum going!

May Term starts off our summer at UConn right after spring semester ends, May 8th - May 26th.

During the 3-week May Term, we offer a wide range of classes in many subjects that will get you thinking, doing, and learning in a rigorous, immersive environment unique to the 3-week May and Winter sessions. Whether in person or online, these courses deliver in a concentrated form the same high quality as their full-semester equivalents.

May Term courses are a great opportunity to take a course, complete a requirement for your major, or experiment with an elective outside your field of study. Experience the intensive, small classes that both professors and students have called some of their richest UConn classroom experiences. Check off a course requirement without eating up your whole summer. UConn offers over 100 undergraduate, graduate, and special topics courses in May Term that are open to current UConn students, newly accepted UConn freshman and transfer students, and visiting students.  

Why take a May Term course?

Graduate early or on time
To complete a degree in 4 years, a UConn student needs to take an average of 15 credits each semester. Taking even a single course over the summer, can reduce your regular-semester course load and keep you on track to an on-time graduation.

Fulfill university or major requirements
May and Summer courses cover a wide variety of degree requirements, including core general education requirements, Q and writing competencies, and requirements specific to individual majors. If, for any number of reasons, you are unable to fulfill a requirement during a regular semester, May and summer courses give you the opportunity to stay on track. 

Experience and online course
The majority of undergraduate online courses at UConn are offered during the Summer term. Most of the 3, 5, and 6 week online courses currently offered in the May and Summer sessions were carefully constructed in a collaborative process involving both teaching faculty and instructional designers. Online courses aren’t simply traditional semester-length (or summer) courses pushed online. They are courses fully redesigned to maximize your learning experience in an online environment. Online courses will both challenge and benefit you in new ways. If you haven’t yet tried an online course, check out the over 150 online offerings at UConn this summer.

Smaller class sizes
Take advantage of knowledgeable world-class instructors in small classroom settings. Many May/summer classes are significantly smaller than their regular-semester counterparts. Get out of the large auditorium and into a classroom. Experience some of UConn’s most popular lecture courses in small settings that facilitate classroom discussion and student-instructor interaction.

Engage in an area of interest
While regular semesters offer a diverse spread of courses, faculty sometimes use May Term and Summer Session as an opportunity to explore other areas of interest. If you are interested in studying an area outside of your major, exploring a minor, or just taking an elective course for fun, consider taking a specialty course offered only during the summer term.