Summer 2021 Courses

This page shows all courses which were offered during Summer Session 2021. We hope to have the Summer Session 2022 course list available soon.

1201. Principles of Microeconomics

3.00 credits

Prerequisites: Not open for credit to students who have passed ECON 1200. May not be taken concurrently with ECON 1200. May be taken before or after ECON 1202. May not be taken out of sequence after passing ECON 2198, 2201, 2211Q, or 2327. RHAG students cannot take more than 22 credits of 1000 level courses.

Grading Basis: Graded

How the invisible hand of the market functions through the economic decisions of firms and individuals. How prices, wages and profits are determined, resources are allocated and income is distributed. Topical subjects (e.g., energy policy and health care). CA 2.

Last Refreshed: 03-DEC-21 AM
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Session Campus Term Class Number Instruction Mode Instructor Section Schedule Location Enrollment Notes
SS1 Storrs Summer 2021 2265 Online Johnson, Derek 10 No Room Required - Online 24/25
SS2 Storrs Summer 2021 1263 Online Cosgel, Metin 20 No Room Required - Online 22/25 To view the syllabus visit this url;
SS1 Waterbury Summer 2021 1264 Online Lanza, Steven W10 No Room Required - Online 11/25 To view the syllabus visit this url;