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1127Q. General Chemistry

4.00 credits

Prerequisites: Students who have passed CHEM 1122 will receive 2 units for CHEM 1127. Not open for credit to students who have passed 1124, 1128, 1137, or 1147. Repeat restrictions apply. Go to for more information.

Grading Basis: Graded

Designed to provide a foundation for more advanced courses in chemistry. Atomic theory, laws and theories concerning the physical and chemical behavior of gases, liquids, solids, and solutions. Properties of some of the more familiar elements and their compounds. Quantitative measurements illustrating the laws of chemical combination in the first semester lab. CA 3-LAB.

Last Refreshed: 15-OCT-19 AM
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Class Number Campus Instruction Mode Instructor Section Session Schedule Location Enrollment
1979 Storrs In Person Wasalathanthri, Niluka 70 AS1 MoTuWeTh 11:00am‑12:30pm
CHM A120 17/48
2486 Storrs In Person Krantz, Eric (LABC)
Wasalathanthri, Niluka
Plummer, Casey
70L AS1 MoWe 1:00pm‑4:00pm
CHM T309 11/16
2487 Storrs In Person Krantz, Eric (LABC)
Wasalathanthri, Niluka
Thompson, Leandra
71L AS1 MoWe 1:00pm‑4:00pm
CHM T109 6/16
2683 Storrs In Person Caldwell, Karenann 80 AS2 MoTuWeTh 12:30pm‑2:00pm
PBB 129 5/48
2680 Storrs In Person Krantz, Eric (LABC)
Caldwell, Karenann
Rubio, Samantha
80L AS2 MoWe 9:00am‑12:00pm
CHM T108 5/16
1980 Hartford In Person Pradhan, Priya H70 AS1 MoTuWeTh 10:00am‑11:40am
HTB 317 20/40
2490 Hartford In Person Keesey, Mary
Pradhan, Priya
H70L AS1 MoWe 1:00pm‑4:00pm
HTB 321 20/20
1981 Hartford In Person Pradhan, Priya H72 AS1 MoTuWeTh 12:30pm‑2:10pm
HTB 317 15/32
2491 Hartford In Person Keesey, Mary
Pradhan, Priya
H72L AS1 MoWe 9:00am‑12:00pm
HTB 321 15/20
1982 Avery Point In Person Son, Young-Chan N70 AS1 MoTuWeTh 9:00am‑10:45am
ACD 207 6/20
2492 Avery Point In Person Son, Young-Chan N70L AS1 MoWe 11:00am‑2:00pm
MAR 105 6/20
1983 Waterbury In Person Hill, Sandra W19 MAY MoTuWeTh 9:00am‑10:40am
WTBY 327 13/44
1978 Waterbury In Person Brault, William W19* MAY MoTuWeTh
2494 Waterbury In Person Hill, Sandra
Mooney, Douglas
W19L MAY MoWe 12:30pm‑3:30pm
WTBY 301 12/22
2495 Waterbury In Person Hill, Sandra
Mooney, Douglas
W20L MAY TuTh 12:30pm‑3:30pm
WTBY 301 1/22
1984 Stamford In Person Wood, Thomas Z70 AS1 TuWeTh 9:15am‑12:15pm
2496 Stamford In Person Wood, Thomas Z70L AS1 TuTh 1:10pm‑4:00pm
DWTN 243 15/24