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1107. Principles of Biology I

4.00 credits

Prerequisites: Recommended preparation: A course in high school level chemistry or concurrent enrollment in CHEM 1127. Students may not receive more than 12 credits in Biology at the 1000 level.

Grading Basis: Graded

Designed to provide a foundation for more advanced courses in Biology and related sciences. Topics covered include molecular and cell biology, animal anatomy and physiology. Lab exercises include dissection of preserved animals. CA 3-LAB.

Last Refreshed: 15-OCT-19 AM
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Class Number Campus Instruction Mode Instructor Section Session Schedule Location Enrollment
1953 Storrs In Person Abbott, Thomas 70 AS1 MoTuWeThFr 9:30am‑11:00am
ROWE 320 18/24
2473 Storrs In Person Abbott, Thomas
Brancati, Ross
Gaghan, Carissa
Malinoski, Christopher
70L AS1 TuTh 12:30pm‑3:30pm
BRON 120 18/24
1954 Hartford In Person Audette, Dylan H10 SS1 MoTuWeTh 9:15am‑12:00pm
HTB 145 45/48
2474 Hartford In Person Audette, Dylan
Jones, Lauren
H10L SS1 TuTh 1:00pm‑4:00pm
2475 Hartford In Person Audette, Dylan
Jones, Lauren
H11L SS1 MoWe 1:00pm‑4:00pm
HTB 325 23/24
1956 Waterbury In Person Preston-Berlin, Susan W10 SS1 MoWe 5:30pm‑9:30pm
WTBY 323 20/22
2477 Waterbury In Person Preston-Berlin, Susan W10L SS1 TuTh 6:00pm‑9:00pm
WTBY 309 20/22
1957 Waterbury In Person Preston-Berlin, Susan W20 SS2 MoWe 5:30pm‑9:30pm
WTBY 323 22/22
2478 Waterbury In Person Preston-Berlin, Susan W20L SS2 TuTh 6:00pm‑9:00pm
WTBY 309 22/22
1958 Stamford In Person Kraemer, Claudia Z10 SS1 MoTuWe 12:00pm‑2:30pm
DWTN 257 24/48
2479 Stamford In Person Kraemer, Claudia Z10L SS1 ThFr 9:00am‑1:00pm
DWTN 205 17/18
2480 Stamford In Person Kraemer, Claudia
Wilson, Roderick
Z11L SS1 ThFr 1:30pm‑5:30pm
DWTN 205 7/24