Cool Summer Course – Intro to Latin America & the Caribbean

Check out this cool online course!

Map of South America (historic)

This course is a multidisciplinary exploration of the historical development of such aspects of Latin America and the Caribbean as colonization and nation formation; geography and the environment; immigration and migration; race, ethnicity, and gender in society, politics, economy, and culture.

  • This course runs online during May Term without the “W” component as LLAS 1190
  • This course also runs online in Summer Session 1 and Summer Session 2 as LLAS 1190W

LLAS 1190 (3 credits).  Come take this great online course during Summer Session May Term, May (7 – 25), or as a Writing Intensive course (W) during SS1 (May 29 – June 29) or SS2 (July 9 – August 10).

It fulfills both a General Education Content Area 1 (CA 1/Arts & Humanities* and a Content Area 4 (CA 4-INT).