Cool Summer Courses – American Sign Language (ASLN 1-4)

American Sign Language manual alphabet
American Sign Language alphabet

American Sign Language (ASL) – ASLN 1 – 4

Have you ever wanted to learn a sign language or communicate with people who are Deaf? The best way to learn ASL is to be immersed in it. ASL Classes here at UConn are taught by faculty who are Deaf! Each class will be an immersion into the Deaf world where you will see and learn so much about the Deaf Community while simultaneously becoming conversationally competent! This is not just a foreign language requirement, it is a way to broaden your horizons!

Language Requirement: Do you need to satisfy a language requirement before graduating? Most colleges require taking two elementary level classes and two intermediate level classes – that’s four semesters! Instead of taking two years to complete this requirement, finish it in only three months! The American Sign Language Department is proud to offer four ASL classes offered this summer. These classes would completely satisfy your University language requirement!

Classes Offered:

Note: class dates do not match sessions, as this sequence runs across multiple sessions.  Please double-check dates/days/times in Student Admin.

  • ASLN 1101: Elementary Level 1 – 5/7/18 – 5/25/18 (May)
  • ASLN 1102: Elementary Level 2 – 5/29/18 – 6/14/18 (AS1)
  • ASLN 1103: Intermediate Level 1 – 6/18/18 – 7/5/18 (AS1)
  • ASLN 1104: Intermediate Level 2 – 7/9/18 – 7/26/18 (AS2)