Dates and Fees

summer iconBelow you will find information about our 2017 Summer Session schedule, fees, and important deadlines. For information about both summer housing and dining options, visit the Residential Life Summer Housing page.

Dates and Fees

Looking for information on refund and other policies? See 


Length Session Dates Add/Drop
Period Ends
Holidays Grades Submitted
May Term 3 weeks Mon. May 8-
Fri. May 26
Wed. May 10   May 30
Summer Session 1 (SS1) 5 weeks Tues. May 30-
Fri. June 30
Fri. June 2 May 29 (classes start May 30) July 3
Session 1 (AS1)²
6 weeks Tues. May 30-
Fri. July 7
 Fri. June 2 May 29 (classes start May 30)
& July 4.
July 10
Session 2 (SS2)
5 weeks Mon. July 10-
Fri. Aug 11
 Fri. July 14   August 14
Session 2 (AS2)²
6 weeks Mon. July 10-
Fri. Aug 18
 Fri. July 14   August 21
Summer Session 3 (SS3)
SS3 courses begin and end at various times throughout the summer; please check your schedule for exact course dates.¹
Variable length Courses run at variable lengths between May 8 and Aug 25.  Fri. May 12 Only if specific class dates include a date listed above August 28

UConn undergraduates may add or drop classes through their Student Admin System account until the last day of the add/drop period listed above for each session. After these dates, you must withdraw in person at any UConn Registrar’s Office or e-mail to be withdrawn from the class, but a “W” notation will be added to your transcript to mark the late withdrawal. You may withdraw with a W notation anytime before the last class meeting for a course.  Please note: You are not entitled to a refund for the course once the add/drop period for a given session/course has ended.


1These are the official sessions of the UConn Summer Program 2017. Please note that some classes may run on schedules that do not match the session dates posted here. Most such courses run in Summer Session 3, but a few run elsewhere. Please check your course schedule carefully to be certain of the dates your class is meeting. Please also review your Bursar fee bill for due dates for all summer course-based and other fees.  It is your responsibility to pay fees by the deadlines posted.  

2Alternative Summer Sessions 1 and 2 are longer (6 week) sessions designed for most labs and some other courses that require a longer duration to cover the course content.   Some language and other courses run within the Alternative Sessions but do not match session start/end dates. Please check your course schedule carefully for specific class dates.

Fees for Summer 2017

The total cost of attending a Summer Session (including May Term) includes both course fees (tuition) and other mandatory fees, including the non-refundable enrollment fee. Some courses, including all online courses, have additional required fees.  See the following table for fee descriptions and terms.


Course Fees (tuition)
Required/base fee.
$469 per credit for all undergraduate courses

$763 per credit for all graduate courses

Course fees (tuition) are calculated per credit for all students and apply to all summer courses.  The per-credit rate is determined by the level (undergraduate or graduate) of the course.

Tuition for a 3-credit undergraduate course = $1407.
Tuition for a 3-credit graduate course = $2289.

Enrollment Fee
Required fee (non-refundable).
$45 for matriculated UConn students
$65 for non-UConn students
Applies to all courses.  Students are charged the registration fee one time only per Summer (including May Term), no matter how many courses you take.
This fee is non-refundable once you register for any course.
Technology Fee
Required fee.
$30 Applies to all courses.  Students are charged the technology fee once for any May Term course and a second time for any Summer Session courses (applied twice maximum).
Online Course Fee
Required for all online courses in addition to other required fees.
$20/credit Applies to online courses only.  Students in online courses are charged an additional online course fee based on the number of credit-hours they are taking online. (Example: for a typical 3-credit online course, a student will pay a $60 online course fee in addition to tuition and other required fees.)
Student Activity Fee
Required only for some courses (see details at right).
$16 Applies to Storrs in-person courses only.  Students in Storrs classes are charged the student activity fee once per session for any course in AS1, AS2, SS1 or SS2. Fee does not apply to regional campus, online, hybrid/blended, service learning, or interactive TV courses.  Fee does not apply to May Term or Summer Session 3 courses.
Non-refundable as of the first day of class in a given session
Materials Fee
Required only for select courses (see details at right).
$10-$95 Applies to only a few classes; see Bursar fees statement for any extra Materials fees.  
Late Fee
Required when payment is late (see details at right).
$50 Charged only to students who do not pay their fees bill for a course by the fees due date for the session in which that course falls.*
See Summer Session Fees Due & Refund Dates below.



Session Dates Payment Due (see notes below) Deadline to drop for 100% refund¹
May Term May 8 – May 26 April 24 Wed. May 10, 2017
Summer Session 1 May 30 – June 30 May 16 Fri. June 2, 2017
Alternative Session 1 May 30 – July 7 May 16 Fri. June 2, 2017
Summer Session 2 July 10 – August 11 June 26 Fri. July 14, 2017
Alternative Session 2 July 10 – August 18 June 26 Fri. July 14, 2017
Summer Session 3 May 8 – August 25
(actual class dates are variable)
April 24 Fri. May 12, 2017

Important Note: It is your responsibility to pay summer course and/or other fees (for example housing/dining) by the deadlines listed in your fees bill.  Fees for summer courses post to your account automatically when you register for a course.  Fees will not be removed from your account unless you formally drop the course by the end of the add/drop period for a given session.  These dates are listed above.  Non-attendance in a course will not make you eligible for a refund, as you are fully responsible for withdrawing from a course on time.  Payment for any registration that takes place after the Payment Due date will be due 3 days from the date of registration.

¹100% minus the non-refundable fee ($45 or $65) charged at the time of registration.
*Students who register after the payment due date for a given session will have three days from the date they register to submit their payment before the $50 late fee applies.

Billing Questions? The Office of the Bursar handles billing and payment for all Summer courses. Further information about fees and payment options is available at their website.

Housing and Meal Plans (Optional)

Students opting to reside on campus can visit the Residential Life website to review 2017 Undergraduate Room and Meal Plan details (coming soon to their site!). All students residing in on-campus housing are required to purchase a resident meal plan except residents assigned to apartments.